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Can I randomize my league's schedule?
Can I randomize my league's schedule?

How to create custom matchups for your league each week

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Once your league is created, we assign you a randomized schedule. We also give you the option to shuffle that schedule completely.

To do this, you'll need to be using the mobile app as this function is not currently supported on web.

If you go into the Commish tab and select "Edit Matchups", you'll find the option to randomize:

Tapping on that randomize button at the top will automatically trigger a message in the league chat.

Note, that the randomize button is only an option until the end of Week 1. After that, you will get an error message if you attempt to use it.

Of course, the commissioner has the power to update and customize the schedule using the 'Schedule Matchups' tool. This is available on both the web and the mobile app.

You can modify your league's entire schedule once your drafting is complete. 

On the web, you can go to Settings -> Commissioner Control > Edit Schedule Matchups:

To do this on the mobile app, press the settings icon in the top right, then choose the Commish tab and then scroll down to the Schedule Matchups option. 

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