What are channels?

Learn about the advantages of channels and how to create them

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Channels are independent discussion communities on Sleeper. Each channel is typically a sub-community formed around a discussion topic (e.g., NFL, NBA, Dynasty Leagues, Podcasts, etc.) and is run by independent channel admins and moderators.

Most channels are user-created, but select channels are verified partner channels from 3rd party content providers and existing communities.

What are the advantages of creating a channel?

Channels provide a great way for new and existing communities to build stronger engagement between members. It is a dedicated place where communities can go to share content, chat, and interact with each other.

Channel admins have 100% control over the channel and have a suite of powerful tools for moderating and engaging the membership base, including the ability to send targeted push notifications to alert users of important announcements, valuable content, or meaningful discussion topics. Channels support text, video sharing, and smart commands (like polls).

Some users prefer to create a private channel as another way to interact with users from a specific league. It's similar to their league chat, but they typically use the channel for things like league rules, or a constitution.

Who can create channels?

Anyone can create a channel on Sleeper!

How do I create a channel?

You can create a channel on the website by clicking directly on "channels" at the top of all your other channels. A new window will appear on your screen, as shown below. Now you'll want to go through and name your channel, write a description, set an icon, decide if you want it to be public or private, and then choose which sport it falls under.

How do I find channels?

If you don't have any channels yet, you'll have to use an invite link to gain access.

Here are the invite links:

Fantasy Football Alerts: https://sleeper.app/i/E8OE6GDPYLv3

Fantasy Football Q&A: https://sleeper.app/i/7N3EmGBK8zQ5

Fantasy Football Chat: https://sleeper.app/i/5v794GBKgjDG

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