How do notifications work on Sleeper?

Learn about the different types of notifications

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Sleeper notifications can be controlled at the App Level, Channel Level, Topic Level, and Individual User Level. We have a multi-layered notification architecture to ensure that users are only notified about the things that they care about, and can personalize their experience on Sleeper.

App-wide Notifications

You can currently turn on/off app-wide notifications using the general settings on your mobile device. From there, go select notifications, and set the notifications for Sleeper to your desired state.

Channel Notifications

You can mute individual channels entirely or customize the types of notifications you receive by clicking the bell icon next to the channel name when in the channel. This will open a detailed notifications panel that allows you to toggle on/off specific type of notifications. Toggling the first option for "Allow Notifications" applies the decision to the entire channel, whereas the following toggles allow you to do specific customizations at a more granular level.

Topic Replies

You can mute individual topics that you have participated in if you no longer wish to receive continuing notifications to alert you about replies to the discussion. By default, if we alert you of the next 5 replies after your comment to let you know that other users are replying to your thread.

User Reactions

You can also mute notifications for when someone reacts to your message or comment in the form of an emoji. Reactions are a fun way for the community to offer a response to the message you post, and allow you to gauge sentiment for your comment.

Channel Mentions

You can also mute the ability for other people to @mention you in any given channel. This is typically not recommended, because it is a good way for others in the community to alert you to important topics. If someone is spamming you with @mentions, you can block the user directly instead.

Group and Private Messages

In every group or private conversation, you can mute the notifications from other people in that chat as well. Just click into the chat settings in the upper right-hand corner of each chat instance, and you will be able to toggle notifications.

Block Individual Users

If there is a particular user you wish to block. You can click on the user profile and block them directly. If you block a user, they will no longer be able to message you directly, and any comments they make in public areas of Sleeper will no longer be visible.

Email Notifications

We do not offer a way to receive league alerts through email. You can read more about that here: Can I get email notifications?

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